MicroSTYLE Review

4 Stars

Microstyle is a great way to understand the info based world we live in. Everything arrives in the form of a text or a tweet or an ad in your spam box. The majority of what we read is short, informative, often funny messages, which is exactly the tone of Johnson’s book. After reading Microstyle you’ll be analyzing every billboard you see.  Christopher Johnson, branding consultant, fills a need we universal writers have as we struggle to pack 140 characters into our twitter messages.Johnson will teach you how to deliver that message with the greatest punch possible.  Johnson current examples from the media that make people born in the 90s able to understand his references best. His current examples and many jokes keep the book up to date and engaging. Johnson helped destale my own writing. He helped me focus on clear, plain, catchy writing and gave plenty of examples to show how to do it.

The only problem with Microstyle is that it would probably better serve someone in marketing and verbal branding, not an English major. But since even English majors want jobs, this book can educate anyone on the ways on making money through writing slogans.


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