Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like


  1. Emotion: what does it make you feel? It makes me want a man that smells good. It’s playing with a woman’s need for an attractive man. But even if my man is not as attractive as the model he can still smell that good. Playing with a woman’s insecurities about how her man compares to others.
  2. Situation: How does it tell a story? That there is a man who will make all your dreams comes true if you buy Old Spice. The story makes the product more personal. If you buy Old Spice your partner could be even better. Also the story is if your man wears Old Spice he will automatically look better. He doesn’t need to work out. He just needs Old Spice.
  3. Details: What connections are made? Being able to speak to women without alienating men. Humor (if watching the commercial) helps viewers feel less defensive and more at ease, particularly men. The humor kept me from being offended by how conceited the script is, but instead felt like it was all a joke while still wanting my man to smell that good. Makes me curious to see what my boyfriend would smell like if he wore it.
  4. Metaphors: This ad is a metaphor for happiness in relationships. If you buy Old Spice, your man will become better looking.

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